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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Now Available for Download

  Although the life of the Apple genius has come to an end, interest in his life and legacy is at an all time high. October 24 marks the release date of the sure to be bestselling biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, now available to download from a number of sources. � Although certainly the […]

Free HP Touchpad Apps

If you follow technology news online, you probably heard about the huge HP Touchpad sale that saw the recently relesed tablets selling for a mere $99 (down from $499) as HP announced that they would not be continuing with the Touchpad line of products. Presumably to welcome all of the new customers who managed to […]

Apple Has a New CEO – Why did Steve Jobs Resign?

Apple fans everywhere were shocked to here the news of Steve Jobs’ resignation today. Jobs, the long time leader of the technology giant, was seen as being the leading force behind its products. The amount of passion he put into his career is arguably what made Apple what it is today. However, a struggle with […]

iPad Identity Theft – iPad Hacker Andrew Auernheimer to Plea Guilty?

You might not have heard this story if you have owned your iPad for less than a year, but last summer iPad owners everywhere faced new concerns in the light of Andrew Auernheimer and accomplice Daniel Spitler being arrested in connection to accessing the personal data of over 100,000 iPad users. Many consumers began to […]