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Free Hunger Games App and More!

If you’ve seen the movies and read the eBooks, keep your hunger for the Hunger Games satisfied with a free Hunger Games app from iTunes. Already had your fill of the Hunger Games? There are plenty of other free apps available, so you’re sure to find something you like in the list below. Free iPad, iPhone, […]

Permanently Unlock Your AT&T iPhone – Remotely!

One of the biggest problems people have with trying to permanently unlock an AT&T iPhone is that the unlocks sometimes don’t last; when Apple releases a new firmware update for the iPhone, there is a chance that installing it will reset your unlock settings and you may need to unlock your AT&T iPhone again. This […]

Got an iPad for Christmas 2011? Learn to Use It!

Naturally, Apple iPads were a popular holiday gift this year. That means there are a lot of new iPad users out there this month…some of them who might still be confused about how to make the most of their new device. Getting started with a new iPad and learning all of the features can be […]

Should I jailbreak/unlock my iPad 2? Answers to Some Common Questions

Jailbreaking and unlocking are two words that come up very often when discussing the iPad or other Apple products. And the people who hear those words can be divided into two groups pretty easily: those who have know idea what they mean, and those that realize the huge benefits associated with jailbreaking. This post will […]