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Free iPad Games and Apps – September 10 2011

If you own an iDevice, you know that Apple limits you to purchasing all your apps through iTunes. Unfortunately, this means that you will often be stuck with the high prices of iTunes app developers. For those who are not tech savvy enough to jailbreak their device, it will be a relief to find out […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – September 7 2011

If you’ve been following My Free iPad Downloads for the past few weeks, you probably know the routine by now. Here’s another round of free iTunes downloads available for a limited time. Download them to your device or register them to your iTunes account to take advantage of these free apps before the prices go […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – September 4 2011

Today brings us another batch of free iTunes downloads, although smaller than those from last month. Remember to grab these free app downloads while they last. If these lists are getting too short for you, did you know that you can get unlimited free apps by jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone? Best of all, jailbreaking […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – September 3 2011

Those who expected the free iTunes downloads to end with the month of August will be pleasantly surprised to learn that they are still going on strong. The lists are getting shorter, but there are still more free iTunes games and apps for you to enjoy. Remember, you can always register them to your iTunes […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – August 21 2011

iTunes has really been on a roll for the past few days, with several free iPad games and apps becoming available. Free downloads for the iPhone and iPod are also being offered. Perhaps Apple is trying to stem the flow of people who are jailbreaking their iPads in order to access free iPad downloads? Either […]