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Lowest Price Ever for SteelSeries iPad Gaming Controller

Do you like gaming on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch? Although the new iPhone 6 Plus offers a generous screen size, playing games on the smaller screens of other iDevices can be a challenge. Luckily, a few companies has released gaming controllers and gamepads for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. One of the […]

Angry Birds Space Now Available!

That’s right! Angry Birds Space is now available to purchase for all major platforms. Buy it here: Angry Birds Space Free for Android Angry Birds Space Ad-free for Android Angry Birds Space HD for Android Angry Birds Space iPhone and iPod Angry Birds Space iPad Angry Birds Space PC Angry Birds Space Mac OS X […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – September 7 2011

If you’ve been following My Free iPad Downloads for the past few weeks, you probably know the routine by now. Here’s another round of free iTunes downloads available for a limited time. Download them to your device or register them to your iTunes account to take advantage of these free apps before the prices go […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – September 4 2011

Today brings us another batch of free iTunes downloads, although smaller than those from last month. Remember to grab these free app downloads while they last. If these lists are getting too short for you, did you know that you can get unlimited free apps by jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone? Best of all, jailbreaking […]

Should I jailbreak/unlock my iPad 2? Answers to Some Common Questions

Jailbreaking and unlocking are two words that come up very often when discussing the iPad or other Apple products. And the people who hear those words can be divided into two groups pretty easily: those who have know idea what they mean, and those that realize the huge benefits associated with jailbreaking. This post will […]