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Halloween eBook Deals – Coupon Codes for Fall/Winter 2011

While Halloween is most known for bringing in costumes and candy cravings, it’s also bringing in a lot of great deals on eBooks from If you haven’t heard of them (which would be a big surprise!) is the internet’s most popular internet bookstore, with thousands of eBooks (including textbooks) available in all of […]

Cheap Kindle eBook Downloads – How to Download Kindle eBooks for Less

If you’re the owner of a Kindle or other eReader device, you’ve probably wondered at some point why eBook downloads are so expensive. You often end up paying the price of a normal book, even though there are no physical expenses (like paper) involved in the download. Luckily, Amazon is responding to the demand for […]

Cheap Android Ebooks – Discount Access to The Droid Library

Last week, My Free iPad Downloads featured The Droid Library as a way to get unlimited Android ebook downloads for a one-time fee. In case you missed that post, here’s a brief summary of what makes The Droid Library a great choice for anyone who is looking for cheap Android eBook downloads: No monthly bills […]

Unlimited eReader eBook Downloads – Where to Download eBooks for Any Device

So for the past few days, we’ve mentioned how we want My Free iPad Downloads to serve more than just iPad owners. That was the reason we clarified which devices could benefit from the unlimited movie download service from a post last week, and also reported on a subscription service that could be used to […]

Android eBooks – Unlimited eBook Subscription for Android Devices

Although My Free iPad Downloads has iPad in the title, we really want to focus on making sure users of ALL media devices can enhance their experience for little to no cost. That means that regardless of whether you have an iPad, a Blackberry, an Android, or even just a computer, we want to make […]