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iPad 3 Now Available from Amazon

Don’t feel like waiting in the long lines at the Apple Store or Best Buy, where the new iPad 3 might be already sold out? Lucky for you, the iPad 3 is now available for purchase from Amazon sellers. Choose from the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models (and your pick of Wi-fi and/or 4G) in […]

Got an iPad for Christmas 2011? Learn to Use It!

Naturally, Apple iPads were a popular holiday gift this year. That means there are a lot of new iPad users out there this month…some of them who might still be confused about how to make the most of their new device. Getting started with a new iPad and learning all of the features can be […]

Gifts for iPad Owners – iPad Accessory Gift Ideas

Do you need a gift for an iPad owner, or someone who might be recieving an iPad for Christmas this year? The iPad and other tablets are popular gifts, but unfortunately they usually come without accessories that many people consider vital to fully enjoying them. If you need some simple gift ideas for an iPad […]

Custom iPad Cases – Where to Get Unique Cases for your iPad or Other Device

If you have already invested money into buying an iPad, you probably want to protect it with a sturdy case. Unfortunately, many iPad cases, while they might do a great job of protecting your device, are pretty boring and ordinary in appearance. So where can you buy custom iPad cases, or find unique iPad case […]