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Best Tablets for Christmas – The Top Five Tablets to Give This Year

Not surprisingly, tablet PC’s are at the top of many holiday wishlists this year. They were a popular purchase on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the popularity doesn’t seem to be fading away with the sales. If you’re looking to get a tablet for a friend, relative, or loved one, you’ll be happy (or perhaps a little worried) to know that there are many options on the table. Here are a few tablets that we think will make great gifts this year (in no particular order).

Apple iPad 2

We aren’t biased for pointing out the sheer number of people who are hoping to receive an Apple iPad 2 for Christmas this year. The newest model of the popular Apple tablet brings a number of new features to the table including a 9.7 inch screen, front and rear cameras, a long lasting battery, and the huge library of apps that iTunes is acclaimed for.

Pros: plenty of available apps, lots of features, large screen, faster than the iPad 1

Cons: lack of Flash support, pricier than many other options, requires an adapter for HDMI and USB usage

Perfect gift for: students, app fanatics, Apple fans, casual/social tablet users

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a relative newcomer in the tablet market, but it’s low price and innovative interface have made it a popular holiday choice this year. For those who can’t afford an iPad 2 for Christmas, the Kindle Fire is a gift that’s more affordable while still offering plenty of popular features. Unlike the iPad, the Kindle Fire includes Flash support in addition to free cloud storage and Whispersync, a technology that automatically syncs where you left off in books and movies to your TV, PC, and otehr devices.

Pros: inexpensive for a tablet, multitouch display, access to millions of books, movies, and songs through Amazon, free cloud storage

Cons: fewer apps and smaller screen than the iPad, limited device storage compare to other tablets

Perfect gift for: ebook readers, business people, commuters, students, anyone frequently on the move

Samsung Galaxy Tab

 The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a popular Android-based tablet that features a larger screen and higher resolution than the iPad 2, while also supporting Flash. The library of apps for Android devices also competes with the iTunes library, making the Galaxy Tab a great gift, especially for those who want a little more versatility than the iPad offers.

Pros: Front and rear facing cameras, large 10.1 inch screen, 30% higher screen resolution than the iPad, business/productivity tools

Cons: More than twice the price of the Kindle Fire, requires adapters for flash drives and other USB devices

Perfect gift for: business people who need to stay connected and productive

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer


The Asus Eee Pad Transformer is essentially a less business oriented twist on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. While both are Android devices with 10.1 inch screens and rear and front facing cameras with higher quality than the iPad’s, the Eee Pad Transformer is less costly while offering much of the same functionality and a longer baterry life. Spend a little extra on the optional keyboard docking station to essentially “transform” your Eee Pad into a laptop with a full QWERTY keyboard and up to 16.5 hours of battery life.

Pros: less expensive than the iPad and Galaxy Tab, battery life, versatility, large 10.1 inch screen, expandable memory

Cons: the optional keyboard dock increases costs

Perfect gift for: multitaskers, SD card users, students, Google service (ie. Gmail, Picasa, Youtube, etc) users

BlackBerry Playbook

The BlackBerry PlayBook marks RIM (the company behind BlackBerry smartphones) making their entrance into the tablet market. Early promotions emphasized a wide variety of multimedia capabilities, but the device still offers the business-friendly touch long associated with Blackberry. This, combined with a price that’s beaten by only the Kindle Fire, makes the PlayBook a well-rounded addition to the list of popular tablet gifts this year.

Pros: combines multimedia and productivity, less expensive than the iPad and many Android tablets, Flash support, great cameras

Cons: limited app library, smaller 7 inch screen

Perfect gift for: multitaskers, BlackBerry fans, smartphone owners (it can connect to your smartphone to access files or use 3G)

If you’re planning to get someone a tablet as a gift this year, hopefully this post has pointed out some of the more popular choices and pointed you in the way of what features might match the person you’re shopping for. Need gift ideas for someone who already own a tablet? Check back over the next few days for our suggestions.

4 Responses to “Best Tablets for Christmas – The Top Five Tablets to Give This Year”

  1. Hollis Gatling Says:

    If anyone is considering giving the Kindle Fire as a Christmas gift, you can’t go wrong! I love it.

  2. Guy Zuehls Says:

    Great gift ideas, thank you!

  3. Ryan Says:

    These are good tablet gift ideas but I was surprised that the Motorola Xoom wasn’t listed?

  4. pearl Says:

    Awesome post, have a great Christmas!


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