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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Now Available for Download


Although the life of the Apple genius has come to an end, interest in his life and legacy is at an all time high. October 24 marks the release date of the sure to be bestselling biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, now available to download from a number of sources. �

Although certainly the most wellknown and most talked about biography of Steve Jobs at this point, Walter Isaacson’s book is not the only option to learn about the legend by any means. There have been a number of other books released about Steve Jobs over the years, and he will also be featured in an upcoming edition of Time, along with a number of other magazines.

As the world continues to react to Steve Jobs’ death, there is no shortage of ways to remember his life. Fans all over the world are sending in their messages of remembrance to Apple. And although the future of the company may be a little unsure right now, there are some things that are: Steve Jobs was an innovator who revolutionized the way technology interacts with the world…and the way the world views technology.

6 Responses to “Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Now Available for Download”

  1. Stanley Says:

    RIP Steve Jobs.
    I’m about halfway through Isaacson’s book and really enjoying it so far. It’s very interesting.

  2. Antione Digeorgio Says:

    An excellent post… We have lost an execllent inventor. Mr Steve Jobs. We will all miss you.

  3. Willie Kuhnert Says:

    Steve Jobs will likely be remembered for being the best CEO on earth.

  4. Doug Toevs Says:

    I was born after Apple and Macs are created but I’ve been a huge fan of apple products for most of my life. Being a artist, his advertisements were always an insperation. My own father had kidney cancer, and now is fighting bladder cancer. To view Steve go exactly the same really saddens me. Nothing but the best to his family because I’m able to understand how hardship like these can be.

  5. Raul Ousdahl Says:

    It bothers me to know how folks are wondering how this affects the iPhone 5 announcement in the same sentence about Jobs. Sometimes it’s a good thing to stop a minute and rather than think of ourselves and what material item we’d like and when we want it, think and remember a mans battle for lifetime.


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