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Remembering Steve Jobs – The Visionary Behind Apple

Even if you are not an Apple fan, you have most likely heard about the tragic passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs earlier this month. After resigning in August due to extended medical issues, Steve Jobs passed away on October 5 as a result of his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. He will certainly be remembered as an oustanding individual for his many contributions to modern society.

Apple is now running a feed of the many messages of rememberance sent in by Jobs’ millions of fans worldwide. To see the feed, and add your own message to remember Steve Jobs, visit:  A biography and memoir of the  iLegend by Walter Isaacson entitled Steve Jobs will be released on October 24 and is available for preorder now in hardcover and eBook formats.

2 Responses to “Remembering Steve Jobs – The Visionary Behind Apple”

  1. Gerald Helfrich Says:

    RIP Steve Jobs

  2. Harris Adolphsen Says:

    Jobs touched my entire life through the iPod, Mac mini & iPhone & changed the way in which I paid attention to music & watched videos. Found the latest way to carry my library beside me on a daily basis in the nice neat package. Many thanks Steve Jobs.


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