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Is That MY Free iPad? – How to get a Free or Cheap iPad without Being Scammed

“Aren’t all free iPad sites scams?” If you’ve been on the internet for any significant period of time, you’ve probably been faced with some website offering you a free** iPad or other prize. It sounds tempting, of course. Who wants to spend $500 if you can just get a free iPad online?

**But the offer is inevitably followed by some complicated fine print requiring you to sign up for 10 to 20 other websites, many of which will ask for personal information, like your credit card number. Some of them might be companies you trust and recognize, but who wants to worry about keeping track of that many memberships?

Are there any real ways to get a free iPad? Yes and no. Some websites that ask you to try other websites or services in exchange for a free iPad are completely legitamate. When you sign up for an offer, they get paid for referring you. In exchange, they are able to send you a free prize purchased with that money. Depending on how big your prize is, you might be asked to refer others to sign up to the prize site too. For example:

How I Got My Free iPad

In order to get my free iPad from the website above, I had to complete an offer and refer 10 others. In total I spent about $30 (although it’s possible to spend nothing at all)…and in addition to my free iPad, I also got the Plants vs. Zombies computer game, movies, and books from the websites I signed up to. Pretty good deal right?

But what if you don’t want to go through the hassle of completing offers and referring friends and family like I did to get my free iPad? Well, there is another way you can end up getting gift cards, iPads, and other electronics for really low prices. This method would be through the use of penny auctions — the newest fad in online shopping.

In a penny auction, prices usually start very low and go up only a penny ($0.01) with each bid. So what’s the catch? You have to buy bids before you are able to participate in the auctions. On most penny auction websites, bids are cheap to buy.  So why do they cost money at all? To quote one of the most popular iPad penny auction websites:

We do this for two reasons. The first is that it eliminates inflated auction prices that would occur if users knew they would have nothing to risk if they lost. A non-refundable bid means that each bidder has a stake in the auction, and is not likely to make frivolous bids. Second, this policy is what allows us to offer items at such low auction end prices. The amount of bids we collect during an auction covers the cost of the item for us.

This leads into another important thing to consider when working with penny auctions. Remember to include the cost of bids when calculating your final price. For example, if you win an iPad penny auction for $15.00, but you used 20 bids that cost 75 cents each, your total price is actually $30. This is still a great deal of course, and you can easily win an auction while spending less than I did to get my free iPad.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are taking advantage of the popularity of iPad penny auctions to scam unsuspecting deal seekers. I recommend starting off with a trusted website like BidCactus until you learn to recognize which penny auction sites are scams. In addition to being one of the oldest penny auction sites in the business, they have an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau and numerous pages designed to help beginners win their first auction, including a detailed FAQ page to answer any questions, a walkthrough of how the process works, and a list of tips to get started.

Discount Auctions

Best of all, it’s free to register and you get 25 free bids for signing up. And if you don’t win the auction? BidCactus gives you points for every time you bid, and you can use these points to buy the item you want in their rewards store.

Did you top my free iPad deal, or do you know of other ways to save on iPads? Leave a comment below!

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    Thanks for the tips. Are the penny auctions kind of like ebay?

  5. Coral Morgenthaler Says:

    They aren’t really like eBay.
    ebay = bidding is free, prices are higher
    penny auction = bidding costs money, prices are way lower

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