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Free HP Touchpad Apps

If you follow technology news online, you probably heard about the huge HP Touchpad sale that saw the recently relesed tablets selling for a mere $99 (down from $499) as HP announced that they would not be continuing with the Touchpad line of products. Presumably to welcome all of the new customers who managed to score a cheap Touchpad, HP announced via Facebook that they are making 4 popular Touchpad apps free with a promo code:

We want you to experience the best of webOS. Download the following four apps for free using the promo codes below.

Atlantis Sky Patrol HD
Take flight to destroy Doomsday devices that have been planted around the world in over 100 levels. Easy to learn, but difficult to master, this unique marble-popping adventure is nearly impossible to put down!
Promo code: gsmww76669rudab

Video Flood HD
Whether you are looking for video podcasts, TV shows or movies, Video Flood HD has you covered. View full episodes or video podcasts.
Promo code: njoqi78204xxucw

Britannica Kids: Solar System
Explore the secrets of the Solar System in a fun and engaging way. Learn and play at the same time through a variety of games.
Promo code: ogeuq49821kdztn

Quickly jot notes in TapNote and optionally sync them to Dropbox for easy access from anywhere.
Promo code: dqbip28944awhev

You have to download them from your Touchpad, so if you’re still waiting on yours to arrive, you won’t be able to score these yet. On the app page, once you click the purchase button you will have the option to input the promo code to download the apps for free.

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