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Cheap Kindle eBook Downloads – How to Download Kindle eBooks for Less

If you’re the owner of a Kindle or other eReader device, you’ve probably wondered at some point why eBook downloads are so expensive. You often end up paying the price of a normal book, even though there are no physical expenses (like paper) involved in the download. Luckily, Amazon is responding to the demand for cheap Kindle books by offering 100 titles for $3.99 or less this month.

Click here for Amazon’s list of cheap Android eBooks

If that’s still not cheap enough for you, did you know that you can use Amazon gift cards to purchase Kindle books? That means that if you can get your hands on some free Amazon gift cards, you can get your Kindle eBooks for free. There are a lot of places that claim to offer free Amazon gift cards, but there’s often a catch. There are two sources I recommend for easily racking up a couple eBooks worth of gift cards each month:

Opinion Outpost: A free website that offers points in exchange for taking surveys. You can later redeem these points for Amazon gift cards or other rewards. Click here to join.

SwagBucks: Another website (also free) that offers points in exchange for searching the internet, among other things. You can use these “swagbucks” to buy Amazon gift cards, or alternatively you can use your points to buy eBooks or movie downloads directly from their store. Click here to join.

How many free eBooks can you earn from this? See for yourself:


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