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Cheap Android Ebooks – Discount Access to The Droid Library

Last week, My Free iPad Downloads featured The Droid Library as a way to get unlimited Android ebook downloads for a one-time fee. In case you missed that post, here’s a brief summary of what makes The Droid Library a great choice for anyone who is looking for cheap Android eBook downloads:

  • No monthly bills or per download fees
  • Lifetime access to unlimited Android ebook downloads
  • Magazine, newspaper, and comic downloads for Androids
  • Millions of titles in the library, ranging from classics to new releases
  • Completely legal – no illegal torrents or P2P file sharing
  • You own your downloads forever, and can copy them to as many devices as you need to
  • Compatible with ALL Android devices, PCs, and Macs
  • Available worldwide – works in any country
  • Membership includes access to wallpapers, apps, and more
  • To read the full article: Android eBook Subscription

But as if all of that wasn’t enough, we’ve worked out a deal with The Droid Library to offer 20% off their lifetime membership. It’s already a great deal that pays for itself, since the normal price is less than buying a few Android eBooks from Kindle or another electronic bookstore. But with an additional 20% off, you’ll be downloading all of the eBooks you could ever want for less than the cost of three new releases. That makes for some really cheap Android eBooks.

To get your discount, register through the following link, and enter the coupon code “GODROID”.

Click here to get 20% off lifetime membership at The Droid Library

Not sure yet? Read the full post for answers to some common questions about The Droid Library:

Unlimited Android eBook Downloads

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    Awesome. I was gonna buy it last week, but was waiting for a check to clear. Glad I waited for the discount!

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    Code expired?


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