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Cell Phone Movie Downloads – How To Watch Movies on A Smartphone

Although the iPhone is obviously one of the most popular options for those who would like to use a smartphone, you might be surprised to know that other smartphone brands (like Android and Blackberry) combined hold a larger share of the smartphone market. Many people don’t want the extra cost or service provider restrictions associated with Apple products. Unfortunately, this means they don’t get the convenience of iTunes when it comes to downloading and playing movies.

So how do you download and watch movies on your smartphone? It generally depends on your device.

Watching Movies on Blackberry Smartphones

On a Blackberry, you can access all of your movie downloads from the “Videos” section of your Media folder. This is the same folder you should look in to playback other media, like podcasts and music.  If you download the movies from your Blackberry, they will show up in this folder automatically. Getting downloaded movies from your computer to this folder is almost as simple. Using a USB cable and Blackberry Desktop Manager, you can transfer files from your PC to your Blackberry easily.  A copy of this software should have been provided for you with the purchase of your device, but if not, you can download it here free of charge. For a quicker solution, you can simply drag and drop the file from the download location to the \Videos\ folder of your Blackberry (or even download the file directly to your \Videos\ folder. For more information, see this page on the Blackberry forums.

Watching Downloaded Movies on Android Smartphones

Transfering a downloaded movie to your Android might take an extra step, since only some video formats are supported. To make your life easier, you should use a free program like RealPlayer to automatically convert your downloaded videos to an Android supported format. If you want to save the time of converting, you can also use any of several free Android apps like RockPlayer (shown above) that can display some formats that might not normally be supported by your device. Other than that, the process is essentially the same. Transfer the downloaded files to your Android via USB.

Of course, if you’re looking to transfer movies, you probably need a good place to download them. This previous post might interest you.

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