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Android Movie Downloads – Where to Get Mobile Movie Downloads for Android

If you’re the owner of an Android device, you might be wondering if any of the tips for getting free iPad movie downloads apply to you as well. You’ll be happy to know that you can use many of the same options that are avilable to iPad owners to get movie and TV show downloads for your Android phone or tablet as well. Here’s how to get inexpensive or even free Android movie downloads.

1. The Crackle App

Crackle is available as a free download in the Android market for watching movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet. Through the app, you have access to a small selection of free Android movies and TV shows. You will be streaming the videos rather than downloading them, which means that you don’t own them and only have access to them for as long as they are available through the app’s library. This also means that you may face occassional issues with the video and audio being properly synced. If you are looking for a huge library of the most recent movies and shows, you won’t find it here. But even so, it’s a nice resource for free Android movies if you are just starting out. Click here to download Crackle for free.

2. Hulu Plus

On the Hulu website, you can stream past episodes of TV shows and some movies for free. If you sign up for Hulu Plus, which is an extra service available for a monthly fee, you can also download the Hulu Plus app and access these TV shows and movies on your Android device. Like Crackle, the Hulu Plus app only allows you to stream videos, rather than downloading them. However, the Hulu library contains a much greater variety of videos including current and past seasons of the most popular TV shows. Click here to visit the Hulu website.

 3. The Movie Home

I first mentioned The Movie Home in a post about getting iPad movie downloads, and later reported on it again to clarify that it could be used for all kinds of mobile movie downloads. This means that you can get Android movie downloads with The Movie Home as well. Signing up is easy, and requires paying a one-time membership fee. Once you become a member, you get access to a huge library of movie and TV show downloads for your Android that is completely legal and updated often. In addition to watching the movies on your Android, you can also watch them on your computer (or any other device) or burn them to DVDs. Click here to visit The Movie Home.

There are lots of ways to get Android TV and movie downloads. Do you know of something I didn’t mention? Leave a comment!

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  1. Android Lover Says:

    I was already using Crackle for Android movies, and you’re right. There’s only like 10 decent movies, and none of them are really recent.
    I signed up for The Movie Home though (would have done Hulu Plus but I HATE monthly fees, lol) and there’s like thousands of movies in there. New stuff too, I don’t even think some of it’s been released to Hulu yet.

  2. Allison Says:

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  6. Thelma Dou Says:

    Thanks so much!! Now, let’s see how many movies my Android can hold…

  7. Jame Kiebler Says:

    I thought your post was well thought out and nicely developed, great work! =)

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    great article, thanks for sharing!

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    downloading movies used to be hard…not anymore


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