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Archive for August, 2011

Should I jailbreak/unlock my iPad 2? Answers to Some Common Questions

Jailbreaking and unlocking are two words that come up very often when discussing the iPad or other Apple products. And the people who hear those words can be divided into two groups pretty easily: those who have know idea what they mean, and those that realize the huge benefits associated with jailbreaking. This post will […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – August 29 2011

Here we go again, with another batch of free iTunes downloads. They have been slowing down a bit lately, and speculation has it that these free app downloads are going to run out soon. With that said, remember to download these before the prices go back up. If you’re out of room on your device, […]

Free iPad Games and Apps – August 25 2011

After a couple of slow days, there’s now another set of free iTunes downloads for iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners to enjoy.And as usual, there’s no telling how long these promotions will last, so download the apps you want while you can. If you’re running out of room on your device for all of these […]

Apple Has a New CEO – Why did Steve Jobs Resign?

Apple fans everywhere were shocked to here the news of Steve Jobs’ resignation today. Jobs, the long time leader of the technology giant, was seen as being the leading force behind its products. The amount of passion he put into his career is arguably what made Apple what it is today. However, a struggle with […]

Cheap Android Ebooks – Discount Access to The Droid Library

Last week, My Free iPad Downloads featured The Droid Library as a way to get unlimited Android ebook downloads for a one-time fee. In case you missed that post, here’s a brief summary of what makes The Droid Library a great choice for anyone who is looking for cheap Android eBook downloads: No monthly bills […]