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Free iPad Games

Looking for some free games and apps? These apps are currently free (some of them are limited time only): Puzzling Penguins Light Writer Deadmau5 Ghosts (PacMan-like game)

How to Get Movies for the iPad

Many people who own an iPod or iPhone may have been frustrated trying to watch movies on such small screens. These same people can rejoice now that the iPad is out. It’s large screen is much better for watching movies, TV shows, and other videos. This of course raises the question, how can I get […]

iPad eBook formats: Which formats work?

I find that a lot of iPad owners who are looking to use their iPads for reading eBooks want to know what formats are compatible. Buying eBooks directly through Apple’s iBookStore makes it simple, but for better prices and more variety you may need to look elsewhere. This makes it important to know which eBook […]